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Genealogy, villages Nowotaniec and Bukowsko
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From year 1713, Terrestrial Acts and City Acts say (AGZ t.22, p.529),that church has burned with whole apparatus and records. New books are begun in city Sanok Museum from year 1710. In year 1710, Joseph Ossolinski and his wife Teresa , they build Chapel in Bukowsko, because church incinerated in Nowotaniec, Parish-priest sends away
divine services in which from city Nowotaniec, Parish-priest comes from city Lesko also, Nowotaniec Parish-priest makes claims on that for Bishop X. Sierakowski. Bishop promise establish border between parish Nowotaniec and parish Bukowsko. Owing to whole fire of parish,
in year 1714, Wiszenski parliament dismisses city Nowotaniec from any taxes. In year 1727, King August II Saxon, it appoints trades, though it for old splendor not manage retrieve city Nowotaniec. Nobleman Jozef Bukowski, security man of manor , it builds existing for today
personal cost temple, one of biggest in whole region. In year 1772, Emperor of Austria Jozef II, it takes over valuables of temples, from altars carrying away gold . Former Chapel of St.Anna in Zboiska, for Nowotaniec parish necessary .

In year 1745, Bishop Sierakowski, church consecrates in city under invocation. St.Mikolaj, church Bukowsko from church Nowotaniec separating simultaneously and there detached parish create, but it brings up chapel built in year 1710 for dignity of church, which consecrates in year 1755. Jan Strzecki become in first parish-priest Bukowsku.


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Nowotaniec, Genealogy