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Dudynce Area, Who are your ancestors in Galicia - Poland.

Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board page is a place to offer news and announcements about members, and also to let members communicate with each other.

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* How to locate family roots in Poland?
* For my genealogy purposes I need following information from Poland
* I can't read or write Polish.. can you help?
* Do you know the etymology of my surname?
* I'm at the proverbial "brick wall" with my research.. can you help
break the wall?.
* Could you help me in tracing my family genealogy lines also in US,
Canada, Europe, Australia, etc...?
* Can you locate my ancestral roots in Poland?.
* How can I receive the full addresses of my family... in Poland
* Could I ask to correspond with my family... in Polish language?
* What are the costs of translations all letters/posts to Polish and
* What are the costs to search for family in Poland by phone?
* I would like to find my family in Poland or related countries once
Poland. Whate are the possibilities and obstacles?
* Can you provide me with a quotable source about Polish records...?
* I ask for your help in any leads which connect me in touch with my
family..., my friends... in Poland.
* What are the possibilities to find my family ancestral home in
* Is it possible to locate the following ( list name )
* Is there a possiblity to locate relatives still living in Poland?
* How to write a letter in Polish to...?
* How to start genealogy research on my family...
* I am having difficulties in contacting Polish Archives. Is it
possible to contact archives with information and pay the fees?
* We are planning a visit to Poland next year. What suggestions can
you make to make arrangements ahead of time?
* We can't visit Poland at this time and our ancestral home. Is it
possible to make the trip in our name?
* I would like to have permanent contact with my family in Poland.
Can you quote services/ arrangements?
* I would like the first, advanced and extensive research in Poland.
Please advise me of the chances.
* Please use the best methods to track down the meaning of my family
surname... ; of the place name...
* I can't visit Poland at this time. Is it possible for your company
to visit my ancestral home, place of origin, cemetery and check
surrounding locations. Is it possible to take digital photos and post
them to me?
* Is it possible for a candle to be lit at the family cemetery for
special occasions? Also digital photos to be sent by email ?
* I want to visit Poland in future. Please advice on...
* I would like to visit Poland. Can you provide your assistance on
rental cars, a driver, translator , hotel accommodations ?
* I have a difficult query. Can you provide me with the first step ?

The Month in Review

Here, we might post comments we've received from members about the activities and direction of the club during the past month or mention some noteworthy events that occurred.

In this area, we might include a link to the "Recent and Upcoming Events" page.

Genealogy villages Dudyńce, Belchówka, Darów Bukowsko, Nowotaniec,  Pielnia Pella Pelna, Sanok, Andruszkowice Jedruszkowce Jędruszkowice, Markowce, Nagórzany Nadolany, Puławy, Podgaj, Pisarowce, Ratnawica, Wolica, Karlików, Pobidno Pobiedno, Tokarnia Wola Jaworowa, Wola Senkowa Trębowla, Zboiska